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Zebras (3/4)



Zebras Class - 2022/23

Welcome to Zebra Class


We kick start the new school term reading Leon and the Place Between which is an exciting and beautifully illustrated picture book that follows Leon beyond the realm of the circus big-top and, with a ‘Pouff!’ from the great magician, Abdul Kazam, onto a magic carpet ride into the place where the magic sends you! This amazing book will inspire the children to write descriptions and stories from other perspectives.

After we move onto Jelly Boots, Smelly Boots by Michael Rosen where we will learn about using homographs to explore meaning and wordplay, using rhyme and rhythm, nonsense words and onomatopoeia! We will write and perform our own poems based on our life experiences in both free form and with rhyming couplets.

Pugs of the Frozen North is our final book this term that will help the children develop their descriptive writing with a heavy focus on drafting and editing.

The children will take part in guided reading each week and will have handwriting and comprehension activities. Each week we will focus on a different spelling and the children will learn those spellings throughout the week and have a test on a Friday.


This term we will continue to focus on multiplication and division and learning written methods to complete calculations. We move onto length, perimeter and area before switching to fractions and decimals for the remainder of the term.

Each week there will be a mental maths test and times tables tests. To move up to the next times table the children need to get 12/12 3 times. Once the timetables are complete the children consolidate their knowledge of the tables by completing mixed times tables and division related questions in a timed format.

TOPIC - WW2 and Europe

To start the topic we will learn about where and when WW2 took place, what life was like for those living through the war, how people coped with the conflict in their daily lives and much more, all through fun, engaging lessons that will immerse your children fully in this engaging World War 2 topic. We will combine this topic with music, art and design technology so the children will be fully immersed in WW2 life!

This term we will take a trip across the English Channel to discover the continent of Europe. Not only will the children discover some fascinating facts about Europe, but they will also find out the names, locations and features of European countries and capitals. We will finish the topic with a comparison study of London and Paris.


Our amazing planet is teeming with life from the depths of the oceans to the highest mountains. But every living thing is dependent on other living things for its survival. Every animal needs to eat plants or other animals. Plants need rich soil to grow strong and healthy and soil is made rich for growing by the decomposing remains of plants and animals that were once alive. It is an endless circle of life. We will learn about this amazing never ending story through dance, music and narration.

The challenge is on in the second half-term to produce the heaviest marrow, the longest runner beans, the juiciest fruits and the biggest flowers! Can we become plant growing experts and find out through research and investigation, what plants need to grow as strong and healthy as possible?


The pupils start the half term by using various online programs to create music. They will learn how to edit music and to create their own musical composition. We will use Isle of Tune and Chrome Music Lab.

In the second half term the children learn about the history of the web, before studying HTML, the language in which web pages are written. They learn to edit and write HTML, and then use this knowledge to create a web page.


This half term World War 2 art will be focused on designing a poster in the style of World War 2 propaganda. We will study World War 2 aircrafts to improve pencil and sketching skills. Lastly they will create a final masterpiece to express our feelings and emotions about World War 2.

The children will take part in a variety of sports this half term: tag rugby, fitness, basketball and OAA.

In RE this term we are focusing on what kind of world Jesus wanted us to have and then moving on to how festivals are important to Muslims. The children will be learning the deeper meanings of festivals and how faith is expressed through the Muslim religion and traditions.

We will be cooking up a storm in DT where the children will get the opportunity to create a wartime dish. We will design, make and evaluate a replica gas mask box and study Morse code and create our own Morse code key.

Take a look at the French class website to see a gallery of the work the children have done, extension activities, songs and more!

Homework will be sent home on a Friday. It is extremely important that the children try their best to complete the work independently.

The work will always be related to the English and maths lessons that they are currently learning in class.

Topic homework is sent ½ termly and will come to you on a grid. Children are required to complete 2 of the activities before the next half-term holiday. Or more if they wish!

Spellings will be sent home on a Friday too, and the children are expected to complete the look, say, cover, write, check sheet on a daily basis and bring it in to be checked each morning.

Remember the children need to read daily and practice their times tables too. Please record reading in the reading diary.