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Lions (5/6)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I would like to wish you all a happy new year and a warm welcome back to Turvey Primary School. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are ready to get back to a routine!
Reminder:  All planners must be signed by a parent/carer once a week and need to be in school every day, especially Mondays for a teacher’s signature. This also gives parents the opportunity to communicate, where appropriate. I will sign and check them on a Monday.

At the start of the term, the children will be looking at ‘The Lighthouse’. Set in a small sea-side village, the lighthouse keeper is a curmudgeonly fellow who doesn't seem to approve of his neighbours.  However, when disaster strikes, it is these neighbours who come to his aid. The children will order key events, understand the perspective of the lighthouse keeper, and write a newspaper article sharing the incident that occurs. Throughout the half term, the children will create fiction, non-fiction and poetry pieces.  Not only will they be creating engaging written work, but they will also show elements of speaking and listening and performing role-play scenes in drama activities too. Comprehension activities and spelling, punctuation and grammar sessions are taught frequently allowing the children to practice their skills in order to correctly use them in their English work.  

In Maths, year 5&6 will recap fractions, progressing on to decimals and percentages. Children will continue to develop their knowledge on decimals and will apply this when adding and subtracting. Throughout the term, the children will be looking at measurement, converting units and ratio problems. As well as this, we will also be looking at statistics, including understanding parts of circles, radius, diameter and circumference. In year 5&6 we continue with our weekly test of times tables and mental maths on Fridays. Times tables are vital at this stage of their learning. If you can encourage the children to continue to practice their times tables and any arithmetic calculations, it would be appreciated!

This term, our topic focus is the Egyptians, where we will gain an insight into arranging events from Ancient Egypt in chronological order, the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and an opportunity to read, write and decode Hieroglyphic messages. As well as this, we will explore the social structure of ancient Egyptian societies and investigate the role, rights and responsibilities of the pharaohs. After half term, the children will be studying geographical features of Egypt, describing and understanding key aspects of Human and Physical geography, such as the climate and rivers.

During this term, children will be exploring ‘The Human Species’. This includes identifying the development of a human from foetus to child, growth and the changes of puberty through adolescence. After half term, the children will investigate the angle of light on a shape and explore and recognise the impact of the way that we see colour as humans.

Computing and RE
This term in Computing we are becoming advertisers and creating a short TV advert. In RE we are focusing on what makes our communities respectful places to be and learning how far religion enables us to be resilient.

Art and DT
This term, Y5/6 will be focusing on one Art project and one DT project. Linked to Ancient Egyptians we will be creating a death mask. For Design and Technology, we will be designing, preparing and evaluating a Shaduf using a wide range of tools and resources.

Physical Education
Children will take part in regular lessons of PE on Monday and Fridays. We will be focusing on learning and enhancing our skills in Dance and Fitness followed by Outdoor Adventure Activities and Basketball after half term. Children must bring full PE kit and a filled water bottle. Remember that a black tracksuit is required and trainers, no leggings or plimsolls please. A hair bobble is required for longer hair. Earrings must be removed before the lesson – please send in a box to place them in.

Daily reading and spellings on a daily LSCWC sheet
Learn/recap times tables
Alternate weekly Maths/English activity
2 activities from the Topic grid over the half term

Important Dates
Monday – Planners checked, PE
Wednesday – Homework due in
Friday – PE, Planners in to write new homework in, Homework set, library books in.

Extra - We have noticed a high number of children who are struggling to tell the time. Please can you also support your child with this at home? Thank you for your support.

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