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Creative Arts

Our intent for  Creative Arts

At Turvey Primary School, we want to encourage the children to aim high and enjoy their creative experiences. Our creative arts provision will impact our children and inspire them to become creative workers. Our curriculum for Art and Design technology is designed specifically to ensure that all pupils can produce creative work to a high standard. The progression through the year groups allows for proficiency in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques. Evaluating and analysing creative works using the language of art, craft and design allows the pupils to strive for the best. Knowing of great artists, craft makers and designers will stimulate them to achieve those high expectations and relate to them through their own experiences.

Through our curriculum and creative day, art and design activities enrich the children at Turvey Primary. Cross curriculum links to Geography and History curriculums enables staff to draw on previous learning, check understanding and complete the cycle of learning. We encourage them to communicate their thoughts, ideas and observations in a practical and expressive way. In talking about creative art and evaluating their own and others’ work, children are encouraged to develop their visual language, ideas and feelings. Through experience of a variety of materials, tools and techniques children have the opportunity to record creatively the world around them. 

Implementation of the curriculum

 Here at Turvey Primary School, we ensure that sufficient time is given to creative arts, in order to enable pupils to aim high and meet the expectations set out in the National Curriculum programme of study. Units of coverage are cross curricular where appropriate and when not, they allow for a variety of skills and techniques to be covered. We aim to teach a unit of art and one of design technology each term. The creative arts curriculum is coherent and shows progression, allowing time for children to take inspiration from the greats, develop ideas and master techniques, design, make and evaluate alongside using technical language.

In addition to curriculum time, we also have an after school art club which is open to children in year 1 to year 6 and a creative arts day when the children are encouraged to participate in experiences above and beyond the curriculum. We endeavour to enlist a local artist to enrich this experience.

 We monitor the impact of our creative arts provision through reflection on standards achieved against the planned outcomes, pupil discussions about their learning, which includes discussion of their thoughts, ideas, processing and evaluations of work, lesson observations and monitoring of sketch books, which follow the children throughout KS2.

Progression documents can be found below