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Turvey Primary School

Turvey Primary School

aim high and smile!

Zebras Class

Staff: Mrs.Gibson, Mrs. Hulatt, Mrs. Beddall, Mrs. Venables, Mrs. Fincham.

A warm welcome to Zebras' Class Page                                                                             .


Our topic this term is 'Searchlights and Sirens'.  Firstly, we will travel back in time to study an overview of World War 2, and to understand what it would have been like to be a child in these times.  We will also be exploring the impact of popoganda posters and using this as an inspiration for Art.  There will be some further DT projects around this theme.

The second half of the topic looks at modern Europe from a geographical perspective.  We will examine both physical and human geography and draw comparisons between countries in Europe and Britain.

For further details of our curriculum this term please see the class newsletter.



PE – Monday and Wednesday

Chicken Duty – Thursday

Library Books - Friday

Click on this link to sumdog for Maths practise -

Click on this link to TT Rockstars for times tables practise - result for TTRockstars

Click on this link to explore our computing programme

Click on this link to a video explaining how to 'find the difference' between two 2 digit numbers, using counting on, on a numberline - 

Click on this link to a video explaining how to add two 2 digit numbers by partitioning -






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