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Turvey Primary School

Turvey Primary School

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Zebras Class

A warm welcome to Zebras' Class Page                                                                             .

On this page you will find links and information to help you with your learning. Please note that you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see all the attachments.  Please look out for photos of our class too.

                                       Q Files | A typical scene in the Ice Age around 20,000 years ago       

Our topic this term is 'Prehistoric Britain' as a whole school.  As a class, we will travel back in time to the Stone Age and explore the life of a caveman.   We will work our way up to the Bronze Age and Iron Age and experience the life of our ancestors; clothes, homes, food and daily life.

As well as studying the history of Britain we will be looking at how world geography has changed since these times and the effect of the Ice Ages.  We are looking forward to some arts and crafts work, from making ancient jewellery to constructing a roundhouse.  

Our topic will culminate in an exciting school trip to a living history experience.

For further details of our curriculum this term please see the class newsletter.

Click on this link to sumdog for Maths practise -

Click on this link to a video explaining how to 'find the difference' between two 2 digit numbers, using counting on, on a numberline - 

Click on this link to a video explaining how to add two 2 digit numbers by partitioning -






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