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Turvey Primary School

Turvey Primary School

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Religious Education

Religious education at Turvey Primary explores meaning and purpose in life from beginning to end. It gives space for individual reflection and wondering who and why; it explores Christianity, other principal religions and world views, and how they affect the fabric of personal and social life.  It also promotes understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups.

Pupils who follow the RE programme in our school gain a deep knowledge and understanding of the teachings, practices and life stories expressed in a variety of ways within Christianity and other principal religions and world views. Through reflection on their own beliefs and values in the light of their learning, they grow in respect for themselves and others.

At Turvey Primary School we follow the New Bedfordshire RE Syllabus.

When children start school they learn about: Beginnings, Our Rules, Autumn, Celebrations, Feelings, Our World, Special Times and Celebrations, Spring, People who help us, I am special,  Our community, friends and family, our class, our world, Special People, heroes, special places, special books and  Right and wrong. These topics are embedded in the Early Years curriculum.

Year 1 learn what it means to belong; how and why we celebrate special times; what makes some places special; what we can learn from sacred books and stories; who are inspiring people and how we show we care for each other.

Year 2 learn about Christians and Muslims and what they believe; how we show care for others; why we should care for the earth and inspiring people.

Year 3 learn about where, how and why people worship; how we should live and who should inspire us and the deeper meanings of festivals.

Year 4 learn how and why believers show their commitments during the journey of life; what religions teach about the natural world and why we should care about it; how and why a Christian follows Jesus and what it means to be a Jew.