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Turvey Primary School

Turvey Primary School

aim high and smile!


We have great fun learning French in Year 3 - 6  at Turvey Primary School.

We learn basic grammar and vocabulary through, games, songs, drama and oral work. We also learn about the country of France and the French culture.  At the end of Year 4 we are able to hold a short conversation on the topics covered throughout the two years and we are keen to move on and express ourselves more in the French language in Years 5 and 6.

We follow the Wakefield La Jolie Ronde scheme of works supplemented by lots of songs, chants and games, with the focus at this stage on correct pronunciation and oral work rather than the written French.

In Year 3, French is introduced to the children through simple greetings and classroom instructions. The children learn the basic vocabulary for colours, the numbers 1 -10, common French food and the days of the week. They even manage to perform in a simple French nativity in the Autumn term!

In Year 4 we learn the vocabulary for the parts of the body, zoo animals and pets and we can start to describe them using adjectives. We extend our knowledge of numbers and learn how to say the date in French and can respond to simple questions such as “Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire and Quels temps fait ils? We also begin to express our likes and dislikes in French!

French in Year 3 and 4, is primarily about having fun whilst learning a new language and using the important skills of speaking and listening in that new language.